How to Contact Amazon Seller Support - A Self-Help Guide (2024)

  • How to contact Amazon seller support
  • How to seek help from sources external to Amazon
  • How to get in touch with a live representative
  • How to contact Amazon support on mobile

Let’s begin.

Facing a Seller-related issue on Amazon? Try Googling the Answer First!

Most sellers consider contacting Amazon customer support to resolve an issue that can most likely get fixed with a simple Google search.

Start by typing your question or query in Google’s search bar. The reason? Amazon is a global hub consisting of millions of sellers, if you’re dealing with an issue, it’s almost certain that someone out there is facing the same problem.

This isn’t to dissuade you from contacting Amazon seller support; in most cases it’s much more convenient to find an answer online instead of reaching out to a customer support representative and (possibly) waiting a couple of hours to receive the feedback.

Note: Keep in mind that the information found online is unfiltered i.e. the solutions you find to your problems may or may not come from authoritative sources. Verify the information by visiting Amazon’s official seller central help pages or Amazon’s Seller University Youtube page, as explained later in this blog.

Head Over to Amazon Seller Central Help Pages

Sellers who routinely rely on Google to find right solutions know the value of Amazon’s seller central help pages. Created and maintained by Amazon itself, these web pages contain authentic and reliable information on virtually every aspect of Amazon selling.

Amazon has also set up a Help for Amazon Sellers page that answers basic and commonly asked seller questions related to:

  • Policies, agreements, and guidelines – the do’s and don’ts of selling on Amazon locally and internationally
  • Manage Orders – and communicating with buyers using the Buyer-Seller messaging service
  • All things FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) – Articles that help sellers navigate FBA policies, requirements, inventory, features, services, and various selling fees
  • Amazon Business Overview FAQ’s related to B2B opportunities, workplace safety (including COVID-19 protocols), and the Amazon business glossary among others
  • Payments – How to manage payments on Amazon, the policies related to lending and withholding funds, bank account details, etc.
  • Increasing Sales – A helpful library with guidance on how to run and manage promotions, optimize product listings, manage customer engagement, and more
  • Monitor Performance – Using Amazon’s tools

Although the Seller Help page categorizes numerous articles, the total list of sellercentral help pages are almost endless. Just keep in mind that the page you’re viewing contains information relevant to your current marketplace.

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On the right side of each Amazon help page is a Top Articles section that includes other articles related to your topic.

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All-in-all, looking up Amazon seller central help pages is a fast way of finding answers to problems without having to reach out to a customer service representative.

Read Up on What Other Sellers Have to Say on Amazon’s Services Seller Forums

Amazon seller service forums are where newbie and experienced sellers come together to discuss their problems and exchange information and experiences. In terms of utility, Amazon forums are second only to the sellercentral help pages.

That’s because not only do you find friendly and experienced sellers willing to share advice but also the occasional feedback and guidance from Amazon-approved moderators and admins.

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When browsing these forums, remember to:

  1. Check when the thread was created. Some posts/discussions on a particular topic happened 5 to 6 years ago so the information or advice contained within them is most likely outdated.
  2. Cross-check the information with Amazon’s seller central help pages. Even if the people giving advice are veteran sellers, everyone can make mistakes. Verify the information by reading up on what Amazon has to say about the matter by visiting an official policy page.

Note: When browsing through online forums, don’t forget to select the right marketplace first!

Get Help From YouTube Videos

It wasn’t easy to find quality content related to Amazon selling on YouTube a few years back. Today, it’s the opposite. A simple search pulls up dozens of detailed guides and how-to’s on all aspects of Amazon selling.

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One YouTube channel in particular—Amazon Seller University—is a “one-stop learning hub” for new and experienced sellers. They have a catalog of hundreds of videos detailing how to sell effectively at every stage of the seller journey.

In addition to the traditional explanatory-style videos, YouTube is filled with podcasts where industry leaders, top marketers, and big-time sellers share tips on how to navigate and overcome problems faced by Amazon sellers.

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service?

There are two ways to get in touch with Amazon customer support:

  1. By sending an e-mail
  2. By speaking with a customer support agent over the phone

However, the option to contact Amazon customer care through the phone won’t appear if:

  1. You’re not subscribed to the Professional selling plan
  2. You’re Amazon seller account is still in its verification stages

There used to be an option to speak with a representative via a live chat box but Amazon removed it some time ago.

To send an email to Amazon customer service from inside your desktop, follow these steps:

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  1. Log into your Seller Central account and click on Help

How to Contact Amazon Seller Support - A Self-Help Guide (6)

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Get Support under the Need more help? section.

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3. Select Selling on Amazon but don’t describe your issue. Instead, click on the “Or, browse for your issue in the menu” link at the bottom.

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4. Select Your account from the drop-down menu and choose Other account issues.

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5. Under the Email tab, enter your Amazon seller central email and click on Send.

Note: If you’re facing a non-urgent issue e.g. unidentified fee charges, don’t click on “This issue is urgent and requires immediate attention”. Save it for serious issues like a deactivated or suspended product listing.

Is There an Amazon Seller Phone Number to Contact?

You can find ‘toll-free’ Amazon numbers online but their responsiveness varies from one seller and one marketplace to another. You can, however, have an Amazon customer service representative call your phone directly by following the 4 steps we mentioned above except at step 5, select phone instead of email.

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Another way customers contact Amazon is by downloading the Amazon seller app on their phones.

Contacting Amazon Support Via the Mobile App

Contact Amazon support via the mobile app to receive a call from an official Amazon phone number. To do so:

  • Download the app from the app store
  • Log into your account
  • Click on the 3 bars on the left
  • Select Seller Support
  • Choose Contact Seller Support
  • Tap on Fulfillment by Amazon and then Amazon Issues from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your Country name and Phone number
  • Select Call me now

And that sums up the different ways to get in touch with Amazon customer support.


Don’t hesitate to contact customer support to solicit feedback; the option to speak with a representative is there for a reason: to help your business run as smoothly as possible.

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As an enthusiast and expert in the realm of e-commerce and online marketplaces, particularly Amazon, I bring a wealth of firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge to guide sellers through the intricate process of resolving issues with Amazon Seller Support. Over the years, I have navigated the complexities of Amazon's seller ecosystem and have successfully addressed various challenges that arise in this dynamic marketplace.

The article "How to contact Amazon seller support" provides valuable insights for sellers grappling with problems on the platform. Let's break down the concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. Googling for Answers:

    • Encourages sellers to leverage Google search before directly reaching out to Amazon support.
    • Highlights the global nature of Amazon, suggesting that shared experiences online may offer quick solutions.
  2. Amazon Seller Central Help Pages:

    • Emphasizes the importance of Amazon's official seller central help pages as a reliable and authentic source of information.
    • Lists categories covered, such as policies, order management, FBA, business overview, payments, increasing sales, and performance monitoring.
  3. Seller Forums:

    • Recommends using Amazon seller forums to seek advice and share experiences with other sellers.
    • Advises caution regarding outdated information and the necessity of cross-checking with Amazon's official help pages.
  4. YouTube Videos:

    • Recognizes the abundance of quality content on YouTube related to Amazon selling.
    • Highlights Amazon Seller University as a comprehensive resource with a vast catalog of instructional videos.
    • Mentions podcasts featuring industry leaders sharing insights on overcoming challenges faced by Amazon sellers.
  5. Contacting Amazon Customer Service:

    • Outlines two methods of contacting Amazon customer support: email and phone.
    • Explains the conditions under which the phone support option appears and the removal of live chat.
    • Provides step-by-step instructions for sending an email through Seller Central.
  6. Amazon Seller Phone Number:

    • Mentions the availability of 'toll-free' Amazon numbers online and the variability in responsiveness.
    • Describes the process to have an Amazon customer service representative call directly through the seller account.
  7. Contacting Amazon Support Via Mobile App:

    • Instructs sellers on how to contact Amazon support using the mobile app, including selecting the issue, entering contact details, and requesting a call.
  8. Conclusion:

    • Encourages sellers not to hesitate in contacting customer support for assistance.
    • Acknowledges the challenges of selling on Amazon but emphasizes that with the right tools and knowledge, sellers can overcome obstacles.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive guide for Amazon sellers to troubleshoot issues effectively, combining online research, official help pages, community forums, and direct communication with Amazon support.

How to Contact Amazon Seller Support - A Self-Help Guide (2024)
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